The therapeutic action of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is based on the vibratory behavior of the skeletal musculature and its characteristic frequency/amplitude spectrum. Although the heart muscle does the main work in the overall circulation of blood, down to the smallest capillaries, the action of the heart must be supplemented by additional mechanisms in order to insure an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells as well as the removal of metabolic end-products from tissue.

The key additional mechanism on the local level is provided by microscopic rhythmical vibrations generated by the skeletal musculature, which propagate into virtually all tissues of the body. These microvibrations generate a “suction” effect in the region immediately surrounding the cells, helping to transport substances to and from the cells and thereby playing an essential role in the “logistics” and regulation of the body on the cellular level.

How is matrix rhythm therapy applied?

How is matrix rhythm therapy applied? The cells in our body move with a certain rhythm when they are healthy. When these rhythmic movements are defective for any reason, disorders occur in the tissue where these cells live, called connective tissue or the “Matrix”, and cellular movement there is reduced. The cells cannot receive adequate nutrition and metabolic wastes cannot be removed from the area. Initially, a slight immune reaction, which cannot be felt, occurs in the area. Subsequently, serious problems begin which manifest themselves as pain.