Obesity refers to an increase in total body fat. The simpliet and most widely accepted method of determining whether you are obese is by measuring your Body Mass Index, or BMI.
Physio Kare Obesity Transformation Program primarily focuses on transformation of the body from obese to normal size to achieve perfect body without any side effect by utilizing the latest patterns of treatments and therapeutic exercises.
Two principal risk factors that lead to obesity poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity.This therapy increases the metabolism of the body and restructures the lifestyle of the individual .This treatment program educates the individual towards achieving a perfect body type without any side effects.
This program is a medically formulated program for individuals who are looking towards realistic and permanent results.

Diagnosis & Treatment

A physical examination, including a measurement of weight and height, body composition analysis is usually sufficient to diagnose obesity. A complete medical history, including age of onset, family history, eating and exercise behavior, smoking, alcohol use, and previous weight loss experience are all important for proper advice.
In addition, blood tests, including fasting levels of glucose, and triglycerides, to determine whether any obesity-related conditions are useful.


Physio Kare offers an specialized obesity treatment consists of Evaluation,Exercise Regimen,Fat-loss treatment,Lifestyle modification counselling .The goal of the treatment is Education for Weight reduction,Proper nutrition,Introduction to healthy lifestyle for maintenance of health.