The brachial plexus is a network of intertwined nerves that control movement and sensation in the arm and hand. A traumatic brachial plexus
injury involves sudden damage to these nerves, and may cause weakness, loss of feeling, or loss of movement in the shoulder, arm, or hand.Brachial Plexus Injury is found in children as well as in adults.
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• Pain, especially of the neck and shoulder. Pain over a nerve is common with rupture, as opposed to lack of percussion tenderness with avulsion
• Paresthesias and dysesthesias
• Weakness or heaviness in the extremity
• Diminished pulses, as vascular injury may accompany traction injury.

Diagnosis and treatment:-

An in depth detailed assessment is done of the patient and certain medical examinations are done, The initial patient evaluation should occur as early as possible usually by three months following injury, or as soon as stabilization after the trauma permits.Treatment options depend on the type and severity of the injury