Neck Pain is the pain located in the neck,it is a common medical condition majority of indiviuals suffers from Examples of common conditions causing neck pain are degenerative disc disease, neck strain, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, spinal stenosis, poor posture, neck injury such as in whiplash, a herniated disc, or a pinched nerve (cervical radiculopathy). Many people experience neck pain or stiffness occasionally. In many cases, it’s due to poor posture or overuse. Sometimes, it is caused by injury from a fall, contact sports, or whiplash.

Diagnosis and treatment:

Doctor will perform a physical exam and take your complete medical history. Be prepared to tell your doctor about the specifics of your symptoms. You should also let them know about all prescription and over- the-counter (OTC) medications and supplements you’ve been taking.Even if it doesn’t seem related, you should also let your doctor know about any recent injuries or accidents you’ve had.In addition to a thorough history and physical exam by your doctor, you may also need one or more of the following imaging studies and tests to help your doctor determine the cause of your neck pain.


Treatment for neck pain depends on the diagnosis. Physical therapy is one of the most common treatments for chronic neck pain. Physiotherapist recommend physical therapy programs for neck pain which involves treatments to reduce pain and/or stiffness.An exercise program of strengthening and stretching the neck has to be followed by the patients