Welcome to Physio !

            Welcome to Physio Kare. Our Physiotherapy clinic provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation services under one roof We are professionally commited for quantifiable results to the patients facilitating them recovery from injury.Our centre Physio Kare is one of the leading Physiotherapy center’s in Badlapur,Thane.We have a holistic approach towards healing the patients.Our team is comprised of extremely talented physiotherapists who are working together to make your life better and easier. Our specialization is in the treatment of all sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological conditionswomen's health issues, vertigo, pregnancy care,osteoporosis,orthopaedic conditions, Temporomandibular joint dysfunctions and headache.We use progressive exercise therapy, special soft tissue and neural mobilization, IASTM,taping techniques and myofascial release. We use a combination of hands on manualtherapy techniques in conjunction with progressive exercise therapy, specific soft tissueand neural mobilization, IASTM, taping techniques and myofascial release. Also in some instances we use electrotherapy modalities like Laser, PEMF, IFT, TENS, Ultrasound,Muscle stimulator, Hot Pack and Cold Pack which can be used as an adjunct totreatment or as a course of treatment on its own usually for pain relief.
            We use a combination of hands on manual therapy techniques in conjunction with progressive exercise therapy, specific soft tissue and neural mobilization, IASTM, taping techniques and myofascial release. Also in some instances we use electrotherapy modalities like Laser, PEMF, IFT, TENS, Ultrasound, Muscle stimulator, Hot Pack and Cold Pack which can be used as an adjunct to treatment or as a course of treatment on its own usually for pain relief.

Our Goal

Our goal is provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs that helps in empowering our patients to promote wellness ,health and fitness .The aim of physiotherapy is to improve mobility and strength, to relieve pain and to restore physical function. Thisenables them to resume your regular activities of daily living including work, school,recreational activities and personal care. We heal, regain the independence of our patients with ADLs, prevent disability and promote wellness to the patients by providing comprehensive rehabilitation programs...

Our Philosophy

Physiotherapy is committed in providing high quality patient care. Our Physiotherapists utilize advanced manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques to rehabilitate injuries. The primary approach to client care focuses on getting to the root of the problem to optimize healing and reduce pain. Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy and are both key tools to help individuals eliminate or manage their pain.We the health care leader, partner with events and groups within the communities we serve. Our focus on our physical therapists continuing education is unmatched and guarantees our physical therapists understand and put into practice cutting-edge treatments and rehabilitation techniques available for all types of injuries and conditions.

Our Mission

As a primary healthcare professional we are committed towards health, well being and fitness of our clients. Our motto is to provide quality care for the ones in need of special care whether mentally or physically and making them a productive member of the society by giving them support.

High Quality

We take a goal-oriented and quality oriented approach to healing. Whatever your pain might be we want to help you reduce or eliminate it by root cause analysis.Physiotherapists focus on both prevention and rehabilitation. Timely care that is provided according to patient needs minimizes negative consequences of delays.

Patient Care

We take patients care by providing hands-on treatment and educate them so that it,enables them to become an active participant in the recovery as well as better future physical health.Why Choose Us? With over a 8 years of Expertise and Treatment in various Physiotherapeutic conditions,we provide the most optimal progression of the treatment. We also care for the Patients well Being and will work with them to manage the injury, pain and get back a pain free life with full range of movement.

Professional Service

Our Physiotherapist have a 8 years of clinical experience and a shared passion for helping our community .



  • ⦁ Excellent Physiotherapy service.
  • ⦁ Our Team is updated for continuous improvement of quality of care and performance of service.
  • ⦁ We have dedicated and trained physiotherapists providing you the best treatment available.
  • ⦁ Assessment and Diagnosis.
  • ⦁ Look after the patients response to the treatment as well as their well being.
  • ⦁ Progress with the feedback from the community.


  • ⦁ Clean and Spacious environment.
  • ⦁ Comfortable seating arrangement.
  • ⦁ Relaxing and soothing atmosphere.
  • ⦁ One to one personal care.
  • ⦁ Modern Equipment.
  • ⦁ Patients Centric approach.

⦁ Result

  • ⦁ Our team aims for the best possible outcome.
  • ⦁ Over the years we have treated a wide range of conditions who all had satisfactory and good results.
  • ⦁ We strive towards the goal of complete physiocare and patients satisfaction.


  • ⦁ Our physiotherapists have a strong foundation of medical knowledge and hands-on therapy, coupled with extensive clinical experience·
  • ⦁ Assessment and treatment of postural and spinal alignment.
  • ⦁ Sports injuries.
  • ⦁ Pain Management.
  • ⦁ Exercise prescription for the prevention and rehabilitation of injury.
  • ⦁ Ergonomic Assessment.
  • ⦁Home Visit physiotherapy service is available. Call us for any emergency and details - 8779285211
  • ⦁ Home care physiotherapy service available.call us for Details- 8779285211

Our dedicated and trained team treats the patients in a professional environment for

  • • Frozen shoulder
  • • Migraine
  • • Fractures
  • • Sport injury
  • • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • • Knee Injury And Pain
  • • Back Pain
  • • Osteoporosis
  • • Osteoarthritis
  • • Ligament Injury
  • • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • • Spinal cord injury
  • • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
  • • Ankle Sprain

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- Home visits for patients who can not reach the clinic due to their disability.

- Optimum recovery time to get you back to complete function as soon as possible depending on the severity of the condition.

Our Process

In the first session, the Physiotherapist will evaluate your present conditions; pain status and movement that corresponds that are causing problems in your daily life. All the past history, medicinal and any related information are to be provided for avoiding any misdiagnosis.
Once the pain areas are diagnosed, they might ask you to do specific exercise on the daily routine to get better body postures that will benefit the affected part of the long-term solution. After broken & fracture of the bones and joints Physiotherapy is recommended by all medical professionals throughout the world.